Small Business Start Ups

Striving for Economic Independence

Small Business Start Ups

Our small business start-up assistance has supported mobile phone repair businesses, a small coffee shops, and street food vendors. Comparatively small donations can have a big impact by allowing our beneficiaries the support to ‘get going’ and build self sufficiency.

Habtimu’s New Business

Keen to find work and support himself as soon as he finished school, Habtimu has spent several months training as a computer and mobile phone repair technician. Assisted by his visiting sponsor Clare and Bunbury Auto Electrics, Habtimu now has all the tools he needed to start his own mobile phone repair booth. He and his colleague, former Group Home student Abebe, regularly repair our visitors’ damaged phones. Happily the repairs are at half the cost of Australian or UK repair shops.

A small amount of start up capital changes everything

Direct Reach Ethiopia is also planning to expand our small business start-up/income generating activities. We are looking to build on available skills to leverage income-supporting activities for the training centre. This will enable longer term planning and activities. One of these projects is ‘Grow Your Own Greens’ which teaches the children and their local neighbours about growing plants from seeds that grow into produce sold at the local markets. Or setting up a small sewing repair booth.

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