In Ethiopia, a federation of regional states is governed by two assemblies. The new Republic’s principle of ‘ethnic federalism’ has seen old provinces divided into 11 new regions which have autonomous councils and hold their own elections. The regions are demarcated along linguistic lines and large ethnic groups.

The elected Prime Minister, Dr Abiy recently won the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts in bringing peace and stability to the Horn of Africa. A new Republic was formed after the defeat of the Soviet-backed Derg or socialist government in 1993.

Relations with Eritrea are now peaceful after many years of hostility over border demarcation, with Somalia previously involved as a battleground for the opposing sides. There are also a separatist movements in the Ogaden and Oromia regions which remain as an issue.

HFCE is a non political organisation that has a mutually respectful and functional relationship with relevant Government Departments.

Dr Abiy has heralded a new era of diversity in Ethiopian Government. He has embraced multiple ethnic groups, religions and half of his cabinet are women. His Chief Judicial officer is a woman, as well as half of his ministerial cabinet.