Partnership with Hope For Children Organization of Ethiopia

Hope For Children Ethiopia (HFCOE) is a local Ethiopian NGO that was established in November 2000 in response to the AIDS pandemic. The organisation provides community-based care and support to rejected children and disintegrating family structures. Their vision is to enable HIV/AIDS affected children and families to live with dignity in their local communities while ensuring that their basic needs are met.

Education basics

To achieve this vision, HFCOE provides essential services to children who have lost their parents and caregivers who are located in Addis Ababa. They now care and support children and sponsor them for the provision of school uniforms and stationary relevant for their education.

Health Ed

HFCOE also works to promote community knowledge and support for HIV-affected and infected children and caregivers. The organisation’s services include providing education, food, clothing, shelter, as well as advocacy on behalf of AIDS patients and psychological support.

Support and Training

HFCOE also provide community savings groups, grief counselling, HIV/AIDS counselling, peer education, vocational training, sewing skills, edible gardening skills so that they may be self-sufficient.


HFCOE's founder Yewoinshet Masresha, has been instrumental in changing the way children are nurtured worldwide. UNICEF has invited her to speak at several conferences to share her vision of orphaned children being loved in a supported family unit, rather than being left on the street or housed in a soulless, orphanage dormitory.

Graduate Success

The generation of HFCE graduates includes in its ranks engineers, doctors, health officers, nurses, pharmacists, midwives, teachers, lawyers, hairdressers, chefs, drivers, sociologists, anthropologists, drivers, film makers, sports masters, carpenters, singers, dancers, decorators and aid workers.

Partnership with Global Development Group

Direct Reach Ethiopia Limited is a proud a partner for Project J750 Direct Reach Ethiopia with Global Development Group (ABN 57 102 400 993), an Australian DFAT approved Non Government Organisation carrying out quality humanitarian projects with approved partners and providing aid to relieve poverty and provide long term solutions.

Global Development Group takes responsibility of the project according to rules providing a governance role and assisting in the areas of planning, monitoring, evaluating and auditing to ensure the projects are carried out to requirements.

Tax deductible receipts for gifts over $2 with a preference for this approved aid and development project will be issued by Global Development Group for project J750N. If projects are overfunded, funds may be directed towards other approved project activities. Please note that no non-development (evangelistic, political or welfare) activities are funded by any of these projects. For more information click here.