Future Possible Agriculture

A Self-Sufficient Future ?

DRE and HFCOE have a long term plan of building an enterprise that allows HFCOE to be economically independent in a number of years.

Given that DRE has a large support base from the WA Wheatbelt, we are hoping to draw on those agricultural skills to build an income generating enterprise in Ethiopia.

Steps Ahead:

No Fridges 

Meat often has to be slaughtered and eaten quickly as most Ethiopians are not lucky enough to own a fridge. 

Growing Population

110 million Ethiopians and growing in number, need feeding. Modern farm practices will be needed to manage this. Australians farmers can help!

Breeding and Fattening Programs

Most Ethiopians only eat meat three of four times a year. Inflation has seen the price of meat double - its a good time to be fattening stock for sale.

Labour Intensive Production

Youth need employment