Education Sponsorship

School and higher education fees, school uniforms and materials are all provided through this program. In addition, any impediment to school attendance is addressed; such as female sanitary items, transport costs, clothes, shoes and bedding. University students are given donated laptops.

Students are supported until they complete their tertiary or vocational education.

Youth Centre

The Youth Centre is a safe haven and the centre of extra-curricular learning. Students have after school and weekend activities which include:

  • English Classes

  • Computing classes

  • Mathematics tuturoring

  • Sewing classes

  • Arts and Crafts

  • Tae Kwon Do lessons

  • Gardening Classes

  • Health and Life Skill Lessons

  • Drama Lessons

  • Traditional Dancing

Group Home

Instead of housing orphaned children in dormitories, our children are cared for in a group home family setting in the community. They operate as a family unit and form lasting bonds with their brothers and sisters. This allows the children to grow up in a more normal family environment learning all the essential domestic life skills.

Group Home Success

HFCOE pioneered the use of group homes instead of orphanages to care for children with no known family. Our group home has 9 children under the care of a group home mother. Subsequently, UNICEF called for an end to institutionalisation worldwide. Group home care emphasises the importance of retaining the child’s family, community and cultural ties wherever possible to support positive community values. Where we can find family members, we do so, and have had some heartwarming successes.

Children we support at home are mostly single parent families. The remaining parent is often unwell and has limited earning capacity.

Tae Kwon Do



Days for Girls Washable Sanitary Pads

Swimming Excursion

Career Counselling

Learning about Hotels

Swimming lessons

Chicken Project

Edible Gardens




Travel outside of suburb

Life skills


Small Business

Community Savings


Maintenance Skills

Educational Excursions

History Lessons

Cultural Experiences







Cooking Lessons

Visiting Holy Sites


Ethiopian Race

Wall Building

Equal opportunities