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We fund housing for children in two ways—in their own homes or in one of our group homes. (our group homes are special – our children go to same schools as other people in the community. Make friends out of their home. Group Homes provide learning opportunites with edible vegetable gardens, and they are housed with the whole community around them.

Direct Reach Ethiopia pioneered the use of group homes instead of orphanages to care for children with no known family. Our group homes have 7-9 children under the care of a group mother. Subsequently, UNICEF called for an end to institutionalisation worldwide. Group home care emphasizes the importance of retaining the child’s family, community and cultural ties wherever possible to support positive community values. Where we can find family members, we do so, and have had some heartwarming successes.This model of residential care promotes self sufficiency, allowing our children to becomes community leaders.

Children we support at home are mostly single parent families. The remaining parent is often unwell and has limited earning capacity.