Direct Reach Ethiopia

Our Vision

Educating and Empowering - with Direct Assistance from the Ground Up.


DRE ensures our children are educated. In addressing all of the challenges that face children in extreme poverty. We nurture  children in a holistic way and enhance their existence to allow them to fulfil educational and life success.


As a DRE supporter,  you can help change a child’s world. For $550 per year, you partner with us as we work with communities to give children brighter futures.

Education is a ticket out of poverty for the Ethiopia and its children.


Direct Reach Ethiopia (DRE) was established in 2013 to support Hope For Children Organization of Ethiopia (HFCOE) to accomplish its mission assisting some of the world’s most vulnerable children. Ethiopia is one of the worlds poorest nations with a per capita yearly income of $925USD in 2021.

Costs are kept to a minimum 


 DRE has turned various donations into life-changing programs in Ethiopia that empower our beneficiaries to leave extreme poverty behind.  Gifts to DRE deliver lasting change.

The impact of our work is seen in solutions to tangible problems like educating children and increasing the earning capacity of women striving to lift themselves and their families out of poverty. Under the the caring and holistic umbrella of DRE, GDG and HFCOE, leaders are created, entrepreneurs are born and groups of children are becoming powerful agents for change in their communities.


Every project targets a dire unmet need, identified by people on the ground.  The sponsors and donors of DRE can transform the life of a child for less than the cost of a bi-weekly cup of coffee. To correspond with, and maybe visit that child and see their progress, is one of the world’s most rewarding journeys.

You are invited to take that journey with us.

Direct Reach Ethiopia Limited is proud to be a partner for Project J750 with Global Development Group (ABN 57 102 400 993)

Global Development Group Project Number: J750N Direct Reach Ethiopia